Health Innovation Summit

November 15, 2017
Queensbury Convention Centre
Regina, SK

Summit Overview

Change provides us with the opportunity to do something amazing, to seize the moment, to be leaders, and to make a difference.

At a time of transformational change in Saskatchewan healthcare, we have before us an opportunity like none other - to transform our healthcare experience. We have an opportunity to be leaders in our own healthcare and to develop an environment that supports and grows innovation, while keeping the patients’ needs and experiences at the centre of care.

How do we achieve this?  

By supporting a largescale mindset shift to look differently at ways to identify what is working, and what changes are possible. We do this by listening to the voices that make up our communities and inspire improvements in the healthcare experience – the patients and their families who seek answers and comfort in their healthcare system, the professionals who see the system in action every day, and the business and community leaders who continue to make this province strong.

Through empathy, empowerment, and leadership, we can develop a system that is streamlined and uncomplicated; a system that is easy for patients and their families to navigate and gain access to the services and information they need; and a system that provides our healthcare professionals the support and resources they require to deliver patient-centred care. It is through this lens we can create positive patient experiences in a true healthcare system, rather than a sick care system.

The 2017 Health Innovation Summit: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Healthcare,  was a day dedicated to bringing a group of stakeholders – with a unique cross-section of expertise, community involvement and experiences within the healthcare system - together to identify the preferred future of health care in our province. Bringing together dynamic and inspirational expert speakers served as the framework for sparking conversation and provided fundamental and thought-provoking information.

Summit Goals

The 2017 Health Innovation Summit: Inspiring Tomorrow's Healthcare was a day dedicated to:

  • Bringing together healthcare practitioners and decision-makers, community and business leaders, and patients alike to identify the preferred future of healthcare in our province.
  • Open and transparent conversations regarding what people want out of their healthcare experience.
  • Sharing knowledge and insight on how to grow a meaningful and sustainable patient-centred system.
  • Developing a calls to action for all stakeholders - both patients and providers alike - that will build a solid foundation for guiding delivering high quality, safe patient care.



 Greetings from the Ministry of Health - Hon. Jim Reiter, Minister of Health
 Transforming the Care Experience
  • Dr. Marlene Smadu, RN EdD, Summit Steering Committee Chair
  • Tracy Zambory, RN, President, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses
11:00AMKeynote Presentation: Change Is Not A Dirty Word: 5 Strategies To Engage In Change
  • Gregg Brown, Change Management Specialist
12:15PMKeynote Presentation: How to Mobilize 100,000 People into the 21st Century
  • Sean Chilton, Vice President Collaborative Practice, Nursing & Health Professions, Alberta Health Services
  • Brenda Huband, Vice President and Chief Health Operations Officer, Central and Southern Alberta, Alberta Health Services
1:00PMSparking Innovation to Create Change

Showcasing innovative ways to advance the delivery of healthcare.

  • Virtual Reality & Immersive Technology - Mike Wesolowksi, Luxsoinc
  • Accountable Care: Patient-Centred Collaborative Problem-Solving - Dr. David McCutcheon, RQHR & Donna Trainor, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses
  • Med.Hack+: Driving Innovation in Healthcare - Adam McInnes, Med.Hack+
2:00PMLessons for Better Patient Care
  • Cindy Dumba, Patient and Family Advisor
  • Rachel Desnomie, Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN)
  • Bruce Willis, KPMG
  • Dr. Dennis Kendel, Vice Chair, Health Quality Council
2:45PMWorld Cafe: Inspiring Tomorrow's Healthcare
4:30PMRemarks from R.W. (Dick) Carter, Chair, Saskatchewan Health Authority
 Next Steps & Closing



Keynote Speaker - Gregg Brown

Change Is Not A Dirty Word: 5 Strategies To Engage In Change

Gregg Brown, Change Management Specialist


People are doing more – faster, better and with less. In today’s environment, the ability to efficiently and effectively handle change is critical to your success - as an individual and an organization. And with relentless pressure from organizations to continue on this trajectory, things aren’t slowing down. So the question begs to ask, how do you keep up? As individuals, we need to enhance our ability to be fluid as there’s no end to the continuous changes that happen within an organization and in our lives. The impact of these changes can sidetrack your people and stall your organization.  These days, people find it extremely challenging to keep up with change in their organizations given the relentless pressure to do more, faster and better. Without a high Resilience Intelligence (RQ), it can be difficult to stay on top of all the change and be strategic in our response. In this interactive, powerful, thought-provoking keynote, participants will gain a unique perspective and acquire the critical mindset and skills needed to deal with multiple changes that they can immediately put to use.


Gregg believes we are all leaders regardless of our job titles and we all have the ability to shift people’s mindset during change. He is the author of Ready, Set, Change...AGAIN!

Gregg is passionate about creating great speaking experiences that engage people with practical tools to make their work lives better. A high-energy speaker, Gregg will share ways to break out of status quo thinking and discover people-centric approaches that actually work. His pragmatic focus is grounded in science, leavened with humour and strengthened by his flair for telling it like it is.

Gregg has worked extensively in the health care sector, in urban, rural and remote settings.

Gregg began his career teaching life skills to one of the most challenging (yet interesting!) groups of people: prisoners in federal penitentiaries. He transitioned into leading education and organizational change initiatives in large health care organizations, as well as consulting with leaders and executives on individual behavior change.

He holds a Master`s Degree from the University of Leicester in the UK, with a focus on organizational psychology, leadership and performance and is an Associate Member of the American Psychological Association.

As part of giving back to the community, Gregg volunteers with the Ontario Palliative Care Network and advocates for improved access to hospice/palliative care for low income seniors.  

Feature Presentation - Sean Chilton

Sean Chilton, Vice President Collaborative Practice, Nursing & Health Professions


In his role as Vice President of Collaborative Practice, Nursing and Health Professions, Sean Chilton leads the provincial program of Health Professions, Strategy and Practice (HPSP) and Midwifery Services.

Sean is a visionary leader with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. He has created sustainable, positive working relationships with diverse stakeholders inside and outside of the health sector and is a well-respected leader in AHS.

Sean graduated from the Royal Oldham School of Nursing as a registered nurse. He was working as a nurse in ICU when he responded to a recruitment ad from Alberta in the early 1990s. Within six months he was in Grande Prairie working in Emergency and Day Surgery at the QEII Hospital.

In the 21 years he was based in Grande Prairie, Sean worked as a nurse, program leader, regional manager, director, corporate business officer and vice-president before moving to Edmonton for a short period of time as Senior Vice President for Regional Hospitals. His clinical and corporate leadership experiences cover a variety of areas, in rural and urban settings, including: clinical operations, medical affairs, quality improvement and patient safety, privacy, emergency response, primary care, and public health programs. For the last five years, Sean served as Chief Zone Officer for South Zone and during that time sought to create an energetic team and re-engage and re-establish positive working relationships with communities, including the local indigenous populations.

Sean is an active person, enjoying cycling, hiking, running and spending his time outdoors and on the water. He particularly enjoys camping and relaxing around the fire.

Feature Presentation - Brenda Huband

Brenda Huband, Vice President and Chief Health Operations Officer, Central and Southern Alberta, Alberta Health Services


Brenda Huband is currently the Alberta Health Services Vice President and Chief Health Operations Officer, Central and Southern Alberta which includes accountability for health services delivery to 2.3 million people in Central and Southern Alberta through a staff complement of 38,880 FTE (approx. 54,700 employees) and an operating budget of approximately $4.3 billion. The geographic area encompasses 199,800 square kilometres with 58 hospitals supported by 38 Health Foundations and Trusts.  She also holds Provincial operational accountability for the delivery of health services in the 10 Provincial Correctional Facilities and Population, Public and Indigenous Health.

She is a proven progressive leader with extensive experience in the Alberta health system including rural, regional and urban health settings, focusing on acute care, continuing care, indigenous health, seniors’ health, public health and administration.

Born and raised in Alberta, Ms. Huband graduated from the Royal Alexandra Hospital School of Nursing, subsequently earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (with distinction) at the University of Alberta and a Master of Science in Administration (Health Services) at the Central Michigan University.  Ms. Huband also holds the designation of Certified Health Executive (CHE) with the Canadian College of Health Leaders.

Panel Speakers

Dr. Dennis Kendel

Panel Speaker

Rachel Desnomie

Panel Speaker

Cindy Dumba

Panel Speaker

Bruce Willis

Panel Speaker
Partner - KPMG

World Cafe

The World Café methodology is a fantastic, yet simple, effective, and flexible format for hosting large group dialogue. During our World Café session, the delegates tackled the task of identifying current successes, gaps and solutions to close those gaps within our healthcare system. While the conversations were brief, the feedback was invaluable. Below are the World Café transcripts for each topic discussed.


Led by Dr. Marlene Smadu, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, the Health Innovation Summit Steering Committee includes:

Dr. Marlene Smadu

Committee Chair

Tracy M. Zambory

President, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses

Dr. david Gregory

Dean, Faculty of Nursing - University of Regina

Dr. David McCutcheon

Vice-President - RQHR

Joanne Petersen

President - SRNA

Victor Thomas

Madmin. C.Dir
President - Global Bridgeway

Dr. Ayman Aboguddah


Craig Bell

COO, Executive VP Assets, Portfolio Mgr - Investment Group

Sanj Singh

President - LMI

Bruce Willis

Partner - KPMG

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